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I take great care & pride in finding just the right forever homes for my puppies.  On this page you will find pictures of our most recent pups with their new families.  If you hover over the "Happy New Families" menu to the left, you will find an additional list taking you to pictures and info of each of the past litters I have had the privilege of raising.  ENJOY!

Biewer Terrier "E" Liter - Dam: Camie/Sire: Reggie  Born 2-10-15


 Ellie, now named Matilda (Tillie for short) was adopted by Sally, a repeat Heartland family member.  Sally also Ramona, a Yorkie that she adopted from us in 2012.  Formerly living right here in the Heartland, they recently moved to Minnesota, so we are hoping/expecting to stay in touch via photos & updates!  





Ebony was also adopted by a repeat Heartland family and now lives in Iowa with her half sister Sophie (Demi from Hannah's D litter).  Ebony's new name is Bella and from what she looks like now, I have no doubt she will grow up to be a beauty AND the spitting image of her mama, Camie.  Just watch & see...................                                                        


 We have a "triple play" with the E litter, in that all three girls were adopted by repeat Heartland family member!!  Our pretty Elsa (now named Trixie) got to fly home with her new mommy Diane, all the way to New York.  She is going to be living with her half-sister Harlie (April from Hannah's A litter) and also has another fur sibling to learn from & play with.

Biewer Terrier "D" Litter - Dam: Hannah/Sire: Reggie       Born 11-18-13




Biewer Terrier "C" Litter - Dam: Hannah/Sire: Reggie  Born 3-23-13



Biewer Terrier "B" Litter - Dam: Hannah/Sire: Reggie  Born 12-16-11



 Brady went home with his mommy Brenda.  Being able to work from home, Brenda and Brady (now named Finnegan) will be able to spend lots of quality time together.  







Barbie was adopted by a family here in Nebraska where she is loved and "living the good life"    


Biewer Terrier "A" Litter - Dam: Hannah/Sire: Reggie - 4-12/13-2011

Ace of Heartland Biewer Terriers has a new home with Kathy.  Due to Kathy's job both she and Ace had to wait a bit longer before they finally became a family, but when they met, it was obvious that the wait was well worth it! 







Alex of Heartland Biewer Terriers lives right here in town with his new mommy, Pam.  He's got lots of new fur siblings in his new home to keep him company and play with.




 7-9-11   April of Heartland Biewers is now called Harlie Dee and lives in Buffalo, NY with her new mommy Diana.  I was assured she will be living the life of a queen and will have have lots of fun playing with her new fur-sister Rylie. 




7-10-11  Austen of Heartland Biewers is now living in Colorado with his new mommy Denise.  She tells me she was instantly smitten as soon as she saw Austen when she arrived to pick him up.  Austen also have a new fur-sister named Zoey to play with & learn from.


                                                                        Austen @ 18 months

A New Family for Halle

I did not know there would be a day when I would have to re-home any of my dogs when I decided to breed, but I realize now it is necessary. It is by far, for me the worst part about breeding.  People have asked me, "How can you stand it when the pups leave?"  That is not nearly as heart wrenching for me as having to let my adults go. After blessing me with 3 beautiful litters of Yorkie pups, Heartland's Halle is now retired from breeding.  I take comfort in knowing she is being loved, spoiled, and well taken care of and am happy & proud to be able to make her new mom Gloria, so happy in the process.  Even though Halle does not live with us any longer, she will forever and always be a part of the Heartland family.

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