Heartland Biewer Terriers



"HEARTLAND'S CAMIE"    ~ RETIRED ~                                                    CAMERON OF BIEWER TERRIERS OF BROOKWOOD 


 On January 27, 2013 we expanded our Biewer Terrier family, adding another beautiful little girl to our program.  Camie was sired by a (National-International) Ehrenklasse-Champion male.  Camie's mother is out of well known German lines.  Camie was born on October 1, 2012 and registered with the Biewer Terrier Registry of America and AKC-FSS as Cameron of Biewer Terriers of Brookwood.  By staying in close contact with her breeder during the first few months of her life, we were able to "watch" her grow & progress through emails & early pictures provided to us.  I fell in love with her dark face from the very start, and as I saw the rich caramel coloring come out on her face, I KNEW she was the one.  Once she was "home" and officially a part of our Heartland family, I enjoyed the many changes she went through in her first year.

 Both of Camie's parents have had extensive genetic testing done proving them clear of mutated genes that are known to produce 30 genetically passed diseases.   They have also been bile acid tested and their Patellars have been checked and found to be normal and are certified with OFA.  Camie's sire & dam have also both been DNA and Mars tested proving them to be 100% Biewer Terrier.  



10-1-14 Camie's 2nd Birthday 


FALL 2014 


 SUMMER 2014 



SPRING 2014 


Dec. 8, 2013 - First snow of the season and our beautiful Camie dressed for the occasion looking like a pretty snow princess! 




  October 1, 2013 - our beautiful little girl has grown up just as beautifully as I knew she would when I first laid eyes on her!  She is gorgeous, happy, and healthy and will produce some beautiful puppies when the time comes. 


Early August 2013 

Camie & I participated in our very first show, an AKC Sanctioned Match in Fremont, Nebraska.  Camie did very well for her first time out bringing home three 1st place ribbons!!! We had such a good time; hopefully, there will be  more shows & ribbons in our future.


Gorgeous Camie @ 9 months ready for the 4th of July! 



June 1, 2013


3-26-13  Camie @ 25 weeks 


January 28, 2013- Camie @ 17 weeks 



 Much thanks & appreciation to Camie's breeder for the many pictures provided to us in the first weeks/months of her life!