Heartland Biewer Terriers



Heartland's "Hannah" ~ (RETIRED)                                              Christa of Biewers of Brookwod 

Our beautiful Hannah is retired and living the life of leisure that she so deserves with a great family that has other furry family members as well as adult children with pets that come to visit often.  Retiring my adults is very difficult, so finding them the perfect forever family is at the top of my list.  They do not leave here until I am totally comfortable with their prospective new family.  In her new home, Hannah is loved, well cared for, and has plenty of furry friends to keep her company just as she did when she was here. She is happy.....................so I am happy.  



The  year  2010  marked the beginning of my Biewer dream come true!  Our first Biewer Terrier  "Hannah"  was born on November 9, 2009 and is registered with the Biewer Terrier Registry of America and AKC-FSS as Christa of Biewers of Brookwood Her sire is an Ehrenklasse National-International Champion, her mother is a champion sired German import.  

It was a joy watching Hannah grow & mature!  Her coat is gorgeous, both in color & texture.  Watching her trot across a room or out in the backyard is a beautiful sight to see; when something catches her attention & she stops to look or listen, I find myself in awe of her  wonderful stance & straight top line.  I have no doubt that given the chance, she would have "Wowed" them in the show ring.  Hannah's adult weight is now about 7 pounds; she is  healthy, playful, & confident and has shown us what a loving mother she is through the puppies she has raised thus far.

 Both of Hannah's parents have had extensive genetic testing done proving them clear of mutated genes that are known to produce 30 genetically passed diseases.   They have also been bile acid tested and their Patellars have been checked and found to be normal and are certified with OFA.  Hannah's sire & dam have also both been DNA and Mars tested proving them to be 100% Biewer Terrier. 





Fall - 2014 


 SUMMER 2014 


 SPRING 2014 



Pretty Mama-to-be had a birthday, November 9th, 2013


 Beautiful Hannah ready to celebrate Independence Day - Late June 2013