Heartland Biewer Terriers



Reggie of Heartland Biewer Terriers   ~ RETIRED ~

 After siring many of our Biewer Terrier puppies, Reggie has been retired and living the good life with his forever family, a family I can trust with his well-being.  Reggie now lives with a former member of our vet clinic and someone who has become a good friend.  He has many new and some different animal friends that he lives with so there is probably never a dull moment for him.  It was immediate that I knew we had found the perfect forever home for him, making his (and mine) transition to his new home a little bit easier.  Happiness is......a happy pet. 


 Born on December 3, 2009, the original foundation of our Biewer Terrier breedings has a wonderful pedigree!  Both Reggie's sire and grand-sire are National-International Champions;  his mother has several champions in her line as well & is out of the "Art of High Classline from Europe.    Reggie is registered with the Biewer Terrier Registry of America and AKC-FSS as Aaron Cassanova of Biewes of Brookwood.

Reggie came to us at about 6 months of age and has a crazy but loving personality.   He is almost always full of energy, loves to play and LOVES  attention!!  His coat is full & so soft and his gentle loving eyes pretty much get him anything he wants.  He plays the tough guy alerting us to strangers that come by, but in truth his personality is that of a big ole' softy wanting nothing more than to love & be loved.  Reggie is 5 3/4 pound & a proven stud male, having sired each of our Biewer Terrier litters thus far.  He has also proved to us what a great daddy he is.  His first litter was about 10 weeks old on Father's day of that year and I will always cherish the "Kodak moments" I have of him playing with his kids in our backyard.  Reggie is truly a kid at heart!

Both of Reggie's parents have had extensive genetic testing done proving them clear of mutated genes that are known to produce 30 genetically passed diseases.   They have also been bile acid tested and their Patellars have been checked and found to be normal and are certified with OFA. They have been DNA & Mars tested proving them 100% Biewer Terrier.  Our stud male comes from very healthy lines and knowing the health & purity of his lines, we are confident that Reggie will carry these genetics to his offspring. 

Browse the photos below to see how Reggie has grown! 



Fall - 2014 


 SUMMER 2014  


3-28-14      From full coat to short, and then shorter still, with a top-knot and now "not"......whatever way you look at him Reggie is still very much our STUD.  Such a handsome Biewer Terrier; those eyes just melt right into your soul.  Love this boy!



Dec. 3, 2013   -  Celebrating Reggie's 4th Birthday