Heartland Biewer Terriers



Heartland's "SUNNY"                                                                     Moore Bowwag Island Pair-A-Dice CM  


Sunny was born on April 7, 2016 in Maryland and is registered  with AKC-FSS and UKC as Moore Bowwag Island Pair-A-Dice.  We searched long and hard, near & far, and waited patiently to find the male that would become the next sire to our future Biewer Terrier litters.  Keeping my "good things come to those who wait"  belief in mind,  I held steadfast in what I was searching for, knowing that when the right one came along,  I would know.  Though I didn't find this handsome boy until he was 11 weeks old, and didn't get the chance to watch him progress through pictures starting at an earlier age, it was almost instantaneous after seeing those first photos of him at 11 weeks old, that I knew my search was over.  I started showing Sunny when he was about 5 months old and at just over 1 year old he has "shown" the right choice was made by earning enough points to gain his "Certificate of Merit (CM) title with the American Kennel Club!    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     

 (above)  Sunny @ 5 months - growing up quite handsome! 

 Pictured ABOVE - Sunny is home! (14 weeks old) 

 Thank you to Sunny's breeder for the early photos of him shown below.  He was one in this litter of a trio of 3 males.  The pictures above with the blue blanketed background are of Sunny at 11 weeks.........the pictures that stole my heart & I knew he was the one!


 Sunny's parents are UKC Champion Le-Tons Ambrosini Sir Lick-A-Lot (GIGILO) and Enchanted Glamorous of Xtreme, shown below.  I wonder which of his parents he will most resemble when he reaches maturity??  Time will tell............