Heartland Biewer Terriers



My Yorkies. . . . 

.........they are what started this "dream come true" of mine.  Finally owning a Yorkie of my own, and then another, and another.  Breeding litters to experience the joy of experiencing a Yorkie pup from the moment it was born and then sharing the joy with other families as they adopted my pups.  And then a few years later discovering the Biewer Terriers and living the dream all over again, along with the added fun of finally getting the Biewer Terriers and myself in the show ring!  Never thought I would ever be able to go so far with this dream that I had......I didn't really even realize it was such a passion of mine until after I got our first Yorkie.  But once it was realized, it is definitely my passion and one I will hold on to for as long as I can. 



LUCKY - 12 years old    ******    TOBY - 9 years old 



Autumn 2014 




  JULY 2013


Feb. 2, 2013  


  "Heartland's Lucky Lady's Dream Dog"

 Lucky (or Lucky-boy) as we call him, holds the honor of being our very first Yorkie and the beginning of my Yorkie dream come true. We were not planning on buying a Yorkie the day we found him in 2005, but when we saw him, it was love at first sight!  So, rather than waiting to get my first Yorkie as a birthday gift for my birthday coming up in May, he became a wedding anniversary gift for my husband and myself  in March. Lucky was born in November 2004, is APR registered, and weighs about 7 pounds.  He is neutered and is enjoying his life as "top dog" of the house.


 "Heartland's Totally Terrific Toby" Toby IS terrific as you can plainly see.  He was born in September 2007 and came to us all the way from Kentucky. Toby is AKC registered and currently weighs about 4 1/2 pounds. I have never owned a dog quite like him before; his personality truly is as sweet as he looks. Rather than giving kisses, he will climb up and sniff your face and/or gently touch it with his paw.  Given any opportunity, Toby will roll over on his back looking for a belly rub......he LOVES belly rubs!  Toby sired his first born, a singleton little boy, in August 2009.  Fate changed our plans for him and Toby is now living a life of leisure as a beloved pet in our home.